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Richfield Art at the Mill
Saturday, July 28, 2018

Unique paintings, lovely cutting boards, handwoven placemats, decorative gourds, jewelry, stained glass, nuts, handmade soaps --- these are just a few of the items you will find at the 10th Annual Art at the Mill. Enjoy good music, great food by La Cabaña, tours....Read More

Sneak Preview of Art at the Mill Exhibitors

Step Back in Time
August 12, 2018

Have fun doing the chores of yesteryear in the historic buildings located in Richfield Historical Park--ring a dinner bell, haul grain, grind coffee....Read More

20th Annual Thresheree and Harvest Festival
Sat., Sept. 15 & Sun., Sept. 16

Have a fun-filled day seeing steam powered threshing and log sawing; horses plowing; skills from long ago; kids' activities and much more. Enjoy great food, entertaining music, silent auction.....Read More

Photo Gal
lery - 2017 Thresheree

Christmas at Richfield Historical Park (Venue for Christmas in Richfield)
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018


Upcoming Monthly Programs

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RHS in Action

3rd Graders Learn About Life Long Ago at the Richfield Historical Park

On two beautiful days, 193 children from local schools rang a dinner bell, ground coffee, tapped maple trees and had great fun performing tasks as they were done in years past....Read More

Projects at the Park

Three project are in progress at the Richfield Historical Park. These are being done by the loyal, hardworking Thursday crew:

  1. The decaying front porch of the Mill House has been replaced.
  2. Building a loft in the barn behind the Mill House to create additional storage space for artifacts.
  3. Installing air conditioning in the Lillicrapp Welcome Center and Mill House. A generous donation of the A/C equipment was made by an RHS member.

Messer/Mayer Mill Foundation Has Been Restored - South Wall in Place and Stone Facing Completed!

In early 2018, the Messer/Mayer Mill will once again have a solid foundation. That will pave the way to "Get the Mill Grinding" -- the goal of the Richfield Historical Society. Way back in 2008, a friend of the Richfield Historical Society, Ivan Laubenheimer, left $100,000 to the Society....Read More

Read This Month's Interesting Story About The Last 50 Years in the Mill House...Click Here

Weekly Highlights

Historic Photo

The building in which the Richfield Roadhouse is located had many ‘lives’ before it became the Roadhouse. Long ago in Richfield’s heyday, it was August Schoenk's Café and Tavern. Rose Schoenk also had a millinery (hat) shop there. At one time, it was a blacksmith shop and a horseshoe business. In the early 1950s, the Greyhound Bus stopped in front of the building. The Schoenk Cafe/Tavern is the first building on the right in the photo.

Park Building Featured
The blacksmith shop is located on the south end of the Richfield Historical Park. An anvil is a metalworking tool consisting of a large block of metal (usually forged or cast steel), with a flattened top surface, upon which another object is struck (or "worked").On a quality anvil, the smith's hammer should rebound with almost as much energy as the smith puts into the downward stroke, ultimately making the smith's job easier and less physically strenuous. Vist the blacksmith shop at the Thresheree and Harvest Festival on Sept. 15 & 16, 2018.


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