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July 22, 2017 ~ 9am-4pm
Richfield Art at the Mill

This event may start late if it is raining during setup time

More than 70 artists & vendors representing a wide variety of arts and fine crafts will fill the Richfield Historical Park. Food, live music, tour of historic buildings (small fee). Free admission, parking and ride to the exhibit area. Come and enjoy a pleasant day in beautiful surroundings....Read More
Sneak Previews of Art at the Mill Exhibitors

Take A Step Back in Time
August 13, 2017

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September 16 & 17, 2017
19th Annual Thresheree

Fall is just around the corner, and it's time for you to see how threshing was done years ago using steam power. At this fun family event, there are unlimited things to see and do: build a log cabin, see logs sawed, watch shingles being made, smell in-ground cooking, and much more. New this year is a Live Auction on Saturday....Read More

Photos from 2016 Thresheree

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RHS in Action

Step Back in Time on July 9

On a picture perfect Sunday, several families visited the Richfield Historical Park to take part in the third Step Back in Time. The Lillicrapp Welcome Center, Mill House, and Messer/Mayer Mill were open with each featuring fun activities. These activities represented days from long ago -- scrubbing clothes, learning about the woodburning stove, grinding coffee, hauling grain -- to name a few. This will all happen again on August 13 from noon to 3pm. Come out to the Park and enjoy.

Grind Coffee, Knead Dough, Haul Grain, Wash Clothes, Shell Corn, Tap a Tree and See a Blacksmith at Work
These are many of the fun activities enjoyed by 172 children on Education Day at the Richfield Historical Park....Read More


Great Progress on the Blacksmith Shop

The blacksmith shop at the Richfield Historical Park has that finished look with the siding being painted a traditional red. The shutters and doors are all in place. The base for the forge has been poured and the floor has been leveled. You can help get this new venue completed as well as have your name on a horseshoe in the shop...Read More

Lillicrapp Welcome Center has a New Chimney

When the Lillicrapp House was moved from its original location on Amy Belle Lake, the roof as well as the chimney was removed. Now, after several years, the chimney has been replaced. The chimney is strictly cosmetic now but every house needs a chimney -- especially one that is as historic as the Lillicrapp House. Jim Markiewicz, an RHS member and mason, donated his time to rebuild this with the help of other RHS volunteers. The Genz-Schillinger family donated the bricks. Jim M. is also going to help build the forge for the blacksmith shop. Thank you for such great support.

What Was Farming Like at the Turn of the Century?

A team of RHS volunteers is talking with many folks who were from farming families 'back in the day'. These persons are sharing their stories--otherwise this valuable history would be lost....Read More


Wish List for the Lillicrapp Welcome Center

Do you have an old wire egg basket, crock, or spool cabinet which you don't display in your home but can't bring yourself to toss out? RHS is looking for these items and several more to enhance the General Store display in the Lillicrapp Welcome Center. Read about this interesting display and see the entire Wish List....Read More

Get the Mill Grinding

Donors to Messer/Mayer Mill Fund can etch their names in Paver Bricks at Richfield Historical Parkhistory. The Fund to restore the Messer/Mayer Mill is growing. Much of this growth is due to those persons whose donations entitle them to a recognition brick....Read More

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