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July 23, 2016 - Art at the Mill

70 talented artists and a variety of vendors will gather at the Richfield Historical Park for the 8th Annual Art at the Mill. This is an art and fine craft fair. Your kids will be delighted with activities provided by Kohl's Color Wheels. You will find beautiful items for your home or yourself. Everyone will enjoy live music, good food, and tours of the historic buildings in the Park....Read More

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18th Annual Thresheree - September 17 & 18, 2016

Steam EngineRemember the days when the fields were plowed using horse power and threshing was done with steam. Attend the Thresheree to enjoy these activities and much more at the Richfield Historical Park....Read More

2016 Thresheree Swap Meet Registration Form
Photos - 2015 Thresheree

Monthly Programs

RHS in Action

Kneading Bread, Washing Clothes, Shelling Corn

All of these activities and many more from days gone by were enjoyed by 143 third graders from local schools at the Richfield Historical Park....Read More

Donation, Donation, Donation

Sometime during the winter of Donated Afghan2015 Diane Pedersen thought crocheting an afghan might be a good way to offer a donation that could bring some added money to the Richfield Historical Society....Read More

Your Name on a Blacksmith Shop Beam

The blacksmith shop at the Richfield Historical Park is getting to look more like a building with the heavy support beams in place and girts installed. You can help get this new venue built as well as have have your name on a horseshoe in the shop...Read More

Messer/Mayer Mill Foundation - Phase 2 Completed

Messer/Mayer Mill Retaining WallWhen tours were given of the Messer/Mayer Mill located in the Richfield Historical Park, visitors could not see the basement of this historic building. Now, a path leading to a door in the basement has been completed....Read More

Donors to Messer/Mayer Mill Fund Etch Their Names in Paver Bricks at Richfield Historical ParkHistory. The Fund to restore the Messer/Mayer Mill is growing. Much of this growth is due to those persons whose donations entitle them to a recognition brick....Read More

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