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Thursday, May 24, 2018 ~ 7pm
Susan Apps Bodilly: "One Room Schools: Stories from the Day of 1 Room, 1 Teacher, 8 Grades"

Have you ever wondered what it was like to attend a one-room school, to be in the same classroom as your older brother or younger sister, or to have your teacher live with your family for part of the school year? Ms. Susan Apps Bodilly will help you reminisce about one room school days through the stories she has to tell....Read More

Step Back in Time
June 10, July 8, August 12, 2018

Have fun doing the chores of yesteryear in the historic buildings located in Richfield Historical Park--ring a dinner bell, haul grain, grind coffee....Read More

Richfield Art at the Mill
Saturday, July 28, 2018

Unique paintings, lovely cutting boards, handwoven placemats, decorative gourds, jewelry, stained glass, nuts, handmade soaps --- these are just a few of the items you will find at the 10th annual Art at the Mill. Enjoy music, good music, tours....Read More

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20th Annual Thresheree and Harvest Festival
Sat., Sept. 15 & Sun., Sept. 16
Photo Gallery - 2017 Thresheree

Christmas at Richfield Historical Park (Venue for Christmas in Richfield)
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018


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Projects at the Park

Three project are in progress at the Richfield Historical Park. These are being done by the loyal, hardworking Thursday crew:

  1. Replacing the decaying front porch on the Mill House.
  2. Building a loft in the barn behind the Mill House to create additional storage space for artifacts.
  3. Installing air conditioning in the Lillicrapp Welcome Center and Mill House. A generous donation of the A/C equipment was made by an RHS member.

Sap Boiling, Children Listening to Stories, Smithies Pounding on Anvils

All this and much more was enjoyed at the 10th Annual Maple Sugar Family Day on March 24 at the Richfield Historical Park....Read More

Messer/Mayer Mill Foundation Being Restored - South Wall in Place and Stone Facing In Progress!

In early 2018, the Messer/Mayer Mill will once again have a solid foundation. That will pave the way to "Get the Mill Grinding" -- the goal of the Richfield Historical Society. Way back in 2008, a friend of the Richfield Historical Society, Ivan Laubenheimer, left $100,000 to the Society....Read More

Read This Month's Interesting Story About the Mayer Family Making a Life in America ...Click Here



Weekly Highlights

Historic Photo

The building just west of St. Hubert’s Catholic Church (Hubertus, WI) is the parish’s first school. It was built in 1887-88 and opened with 70 students. Two nuns taught the eager students reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic until the school closed in 1954 when a new school was built. The school had a 2nd life in 1984 when it became the very popular Hubertus House of Horrors. For 30 years, shivers were sent down the spine and shrieks were elicited from any brave soul who dared to go through the spooky mansion.  After Halloween, 2014, the ghosts, goblins and ghouls left the house. It is now awaiting its next reincarnation.

Park Building Featured
The Mill House located in the Richfield Historical Park was the home of the families who operated the Messer/Mayer Mill. Many of the items original to the house are there. In the photo, the sign says that C.W. Mayer loved to play the Victrola. The era of the Edison Victrola was 1890s and/or early 1900s.  it was a way to spend family time enjoying the music coming from the wax cylinders. The Victrola proudly sits in a corner of the front parlor along with the original Mayer family furniture. The Mill House is open at RHS events.


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