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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Monthly Program

“Wisconsin Gangsters” by Chad Lewis
Put on your zoot suit and follow in the footsteps of America's most infamous gangsters as they turned Wisconsin into their personal criminal vacationland....Read More

December 3, 2016
Christmas at the Historical Park

Join in the fun of experiencing Christmas as it was in days long ago. Visit the Mill House and Lillicrapp Visitor Center in the Richfield Historical Park to see a general store decorated for the holiday and hear carols played on an upright piano....Read More

February 19, 2017 -- Antique Appraisal & Chili Lunch

March 25, 2017 -- Maple Syrup Family Day

July 22, 2017 -- Richfield Art at the Mill

September 16 & 17, 2017 -- 19th Annual Thresheree

Monthly Programs

RHS in Action

Horses Plowing, Steam Engines Whistling, Burgers Grilling, Scarecrows Stuffed--Fun, entertainment, tours, good food, treasures, bargains and much more were found at this year's 18th Annual Thresheree....Read More

Found at the Thresheree: handmade soap, bracelet charm and bottle of Nitro medication. Please call 262-628-2841 to identify and claim these items.

Art at the Mill was an enjoyable place to be on July 23

On a hot and steamy day, artists and vendors set up their booths. People arrived to see what treasures they could find, enjoy the music and take a tour of the historic buildings in the Richfield Historical Park....Read More

Barn Getting Much Needed Repair

The bank barn located behind the Mill House in the Richfield Historical Park has a stone and mortar foundation. As with any building that is over 100 years old, it is showing its age -- particularly the foundation. A foundation will be poured, and then a mason will repair the wall.

Your Name on a Blacksmith Shop Beam

The blacksmith shop at the Richfield Historical Park is getting to look more like a building with the heavy support beams in place and girts installed. You can help get this new venue built as well as have have your name on a horseshoe in the shop...Read More

Donors to Messer/Mayer Mill Fund Etch Their Names in Paver Bricks at Richfield Historical ParkHistory. The Fund to restore the Messer/Mayer Mill is growing. Much of this growth is due to those persons whose donations entitle them to a recognition brick....Read More

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