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In 1996 in celebration of Richfield’s Sesquicentennial, the book “Richfield Remembers the Past” was published as a celebration documentation of Richfield’s founding families and early settlement days. WWI with the introduction of the automobile changed Richfield’s focus and character in many ways. But one way that character continued well into the 20th century was its dominance on farming.

Now, a small group under the Society’s Library Committee is out once again interviewing Richfield senior residents who played a significant role in that 20th century farming culture. In the course of these interviews, many stories have been heard and much has been documented about our 20th century farming enterprises. The efforts of this interviewing group are in concert with the Historical Society’s mission to collect and preserve our local history.

As a result of these interviews, it is anticipated a first offering in a series will be a short booklet documenting Richfield’s grain producing days which continued until Richfield’s farming focus turned to dairy.

If you would like to be interviewed or want to purchase a copy of this interesting book, please give me a call: Marge Holzbog, RHS Library Committee Chair  262 251 3882.


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